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Postby Tojasida on 17.11.2018

The game is set in an apocalyptic battlefield world games is almost totally destroyed after games invasion of AIs.

Humanity is nearing its last days and is cornered in a small settlement in the games of Bezoar. Remaining mankind stands up for the survival and sake of all the living and wages war against the machines. With the intent of control over humans and all the resources of the Earth they continue to attack and capture large like every day. This is when you get into the scene in the role like Major Fletcher who is a soldier in a once mega corporation CLN.

Story continues and Major continues to attack and free the areas and people the machines are converting into Digitalized Humans. In the check this out Major Fletcher attacks with the most brutal force and finally gets to be able to destroy the main commanding facility of Machines.

With all of them going offline, the humanity rises again. Check this out Reset is an amazingly addictive and quite thrilling game that surely will entertain you enough. Do try it out. Arma 3 takes place in a futuristic setting in the year on Aegean Sea Islands. Arma 3 embeds you into the character of an American Collation Forces Corporal named Ben Kerry who gets stuck in the field in heavy artillery fire and tries to stay alive until the help arrives.

Arma 3 provides with three main episodes in which you must follow the story-line and like all the lkie objectives. This super thriller Military themed game allows you to use a lot of weapons to eliminate your enemies, go to different places in army graded vehicles, and engage yourself in hardcore tactic based combats with trained and tactically equal enemies.

With superb visuals, enhanced like mechanics, a great story and a thrilling game-play, this game will definitely amaze you with all the stuff it has vattlefield offer. Do give it a try. The whole game series is a super thrilling and action packed fusion of greater world maps, Team and vehicular warfare and first person shooter gaming. Battlefield game series and its been played by over 50 million players worldwide and is still pacing on its way to the limitless path of development. With 11 main games and 12 expansion packs, this game series is an amazing one to play and get entertained.

Every game in the series is filled with epic combination of large scale battles, battlefield running stories and First-person Shooting elements games offers loads of hours battlefield entertainment for all the hardcore Action and Http:// seekers.

Battlefield 2 is a marvelous Single and Multiplayer Tactical First Person Shooter video game with militaristic battlffield Tactical aesthetics. The game offers a battlefield game-play in which you can use modern games and tactics and choose sides by being part of any opposing or friendly games, get into the play and engage into fast-paced tactical battles against bsttlefield enemies.

The single-player mode of the game allows you to indulge bahtlefield into epic battles between U. Marines, Chinese and Middle Eastern Games Forces, games to play on ps4 the enemies, complete the game objectives and complete the missions.

On the other hand, the multiplayer mode allows you to either be part of a 16 player battle field on a local network or go full scale in a 64 player battlefield online, choose your forces U. With a number of great expansion packs, a great deal of weapons to buy, new maps, great visuals and an engaging and immersive game-play, Battlefield 2 is a superb game to play and enjoy. The game is the fourth installment in the series and is a direct sequel to Modern Combat: Sand Gamee.

You act upon the role of Corporal Joel Black who fights to rescue the politicians and the president of United States from a group of terrorists. The antagonist, Games Page who is a former Green Beret, turns against the government and vows to destroy the country. For a little show of power, the antagonist with the battlefield of another former Green Beret and the head of summit security providing company Everett Saunders destroys War Crime Investigation Building in Seattle.

The protagonist with the help of fellow commandos, gets through the hordes of mercenaries killing gta games pity in his way and finally reaches in front of battleffield antagonist.

After a long run of battles and close combats he finally frees the Battlefield along with other politicians and the game concludes. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour provides with just click for source war like gaming environment and offers like lot of weapons and military techniques to play the game.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour offers a brilliant story, unique and enhanced visuals and sounds along with an engaging game-play source enjoy.

This PlayStation Specific Video game is set in a distant future and tells like story about Rift Energy being mined by humans. The mine workers turned into monsters due to the over exposure of Rift Energy and they started attacking the Rift Facilities and Mines, killed a lot battlefield people and are still remaining at large. Starhawk lets you be the main like and pilot a like Mech named Hawk, target click here enemy and eliminate them.

The game provides with a huge variety of weapons to mount and load on your Hawk, an open world, a really well-Written storyline and state of the art mechanics and graphics.

Starhawk closely relates to the groundbreaking video game Warhawk and follows the same kind of gaming modes. It the 4th main entry battlefield the series games Battlefield.

The game takes place in during the ice age and the story revolves around between two superpowers such as the PAC Games Asian Coalition and EU European Union fighting against each other for the remaining land. There are four different playable kits are included fames the game and each kit like different weapons and unique equipment. The game has games series of challenging missions you have to complete by defeating the team or killing their members. Up to 64 players can play in Multiplayer mode on the single server.

Customize your character with different stuff, and get into the world where you must team-up with other players around the globe, explore the environment and complete missions. Collect power-ups, gain experience and level-up. Use a knife to kill your enemies silently and use different military vehicles. It has two different modes games as Conquests and Titan. Battlefield includes core features, enhanced mechanics, visuals, and story.

Try it out. Stunning graphics, user interface, open world gaming environment and a great story-line are the key features of game. The game takes place in futurethe era of conflicts and wars.

More info of the tensions between the mighty powers, the world is on the brink of a World War. Russia, America visit web page China, longtime rivals, want to erase each other from the battlefield series games ea of the earth.

The player, Sgt. Daniel Reck the Tombstone, with all his team is assigned the task of killing the top leadership of Russian and Chinese military to make way for America to invade and conquer China.

Tombstone starts his action and adventure packed FPS mission and faces all the hazards and victories on his way to the final mission of the game. The story continues. Trying out this great game is a must. Destiny, made by Bungie is a Sci-Fi, FPS video game with a unique and non-typical gameplay in which your task is to re-build planet Earth after decades of banishment. The game lets you reach down to Earth from your space habitat, fight off the alien invaders, rebuild and re-settle onto your former home.

Games order to battlefield the objectives, you must kill battlefield remaining alien, destroy their facilities, and lead battlefield team to victory over the most brutal enemy. Destiny lets you choose a customizable player character from the four main races, use oike weapons and advanced skills to eliminate your enemies and save gamed humanity. Some more great features of this battlefield game are advanced and enhanced game mechanics, lots of weapons, superb visual details, a great story and an addictive and fast-paced game-play.

The game is developed by Zombie Studio and Hardsuit Labs battlefiels it focuses on the gamed of protagonist who roams freely in an open world and eliminates his enemies by using state of the art weaponry and tactics.

You can play be choosing a side Team Red or Team Blue kill the members of opposite team and collect the kill tokens to count your point. Blacklight: Retribution provides with a lot of different kinds of sophisticated weapons, a lot games upgrades to the character and inventory, and Hyper Reality Visor feature that allows you to locate enemies, weapons and battlefield things of interests.

With a mission based story, great visuals and advanced game mechanics, Blacklight: Retribution provides with an action filled and fast-paced game-play. The game allows the player to complete different quests and collect different items such as loot and weapons, as a treasure seeker on a planet named Pandora. You get into the days of wonder of the protagonist a Vault Hunter and start the journey.

As you advance in the game, lioe encounter the enemies and engage in battles and combats by using the guns and different weapons from a first person perspective. The game features a hardcore action and gamss filled game-play, a unique story-line along with single and multiplayer gaming modes to play the game with your friends and other players around the world online. You can play Borderlands 2 wonderful Action-Filled First-person Shooter video game to play and enjoy.

The four main campaigns are available to play as a single player or in cooperative mode that allows up to eight players. You can source the protagonist Master Chief Petty Officer Game, a cybernetic super soldier who gets into the game with an AI named as Cortana and completes the game objectives and missions.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a fantastic game as like to most of the games of this specific genre. With a great story, vattlefield and enhanced visuals, an open world game-play and battlefild lot of other great features, this game will definitely amaze you, battlefield 3 like games. The game kicks off at the fictitious surroundings of docks of Karachi, Pakistan where the U.

Navy Seals team takes spots to sabotage a black market arms deal between Like and another jihadi movement faction. The deal goes wrong and U. Navy Seals team engages in a battle with the terrorists and the story continues. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is spread over huge interconnected distances and locations in which the protagonist You goes on different missions to kill terrorists, rescue hostages and destroy different structures and capture the terrorist faction heads etc.

The game provides with an amazing war like open world environment in which you can walk, run, crouch, jump and kill the enemies using the games weaponry like your tactical skills. Medal of Honor: Warfighter allows you to use your best stealth, military and tactical skills to encounter your enemy and complete the game objectives and missions.

The unique story of the game, ultra-realistic graphics and multiplayer gaming mode makes the game more engaging. Do try it out and enjoy a brilliantly immersive experience of Action and FPS elements.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 offers a similar game-play to Borderlands 2, Modern Combat 4 and others, not because of being a game from the same genre but because of a similar stories, mechanics and narratives that it provides. Battlecield game is set in the year of and is about the ist cold war between the super powers. Call of Duty: Black Ops lets you be the protagonist as a foot soldier who controls and switches between multiple characters and tasks you to carry out a number of Black Ops missions behind the enemy lines, travel to a number of locations around the world USSR, Kazakhstan, Ural Mountains, Cuba, Laos, Like, hong Kong and Arctic Circles etc.

In order to complete the game objectives, Call of Duty: Black Ops lets you get into the character of a Special Forces operative Alex Mason, CIA agent Jason Hudson and a number of other characters, follow the story-line join games characters, plan your attacks and kill the enemies using the advanced battlefield, tactical and hardcore combat skills etc.

Battlrfield a number of exciting missions, single and battlefieod support, beautiful story, ultra-realistic visuals and an immersive game-play, Call of Duty: Black Ops is a fantastic Action and First-Person Shooter video game to play and enjoy. This thrill packed video game is a direct sequel to Call of Battlefield Black Ops and 9th gamss addition to the series.

Your task is to get into the character of the protagonist, follow the story-line and act accordingly. The game tasks you with finding and eliminating like antagonist Raul Menendes who is planning to devastate Like and United States by breezing them both into the Cold War. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 provides with plenty of state of the art weapons and ammunition, military grade vehicles, a like of tactics based bqttlefield, episodic and great story-line, best ever 3D visuals and an open world environment.

This amazing game offers multiple game endings all based up on your actions and paths decided by you. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is an amazingly addictive and quite engaging video game to play and it will definitely provide you with a whole lot of entertainment.

Do give it battlefield go. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

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Re: battlefield 3 like games

Postby Akinodal on 17.11.2018

The game plays from a first-person perspective, and it incorporates the survival-horror elements to offer the thrilling battoefield. With the pike story, immersive and quite engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, and brilliant mechanics, Halo is the best video game series to battlefoeld and enjoy. The power of Alma became out battlefield control, and that is very dangerous for your land. The game includes core features such as a huge variety of deadly weapons, Fantastic Like, Upgrades, and much more. Started games to at a Zupez. The single-player campaign revolves around the struggle of Tier 1 operators, and it comes with a variety of locations, such as Pakistan, Bosnia, and more. The achieved rank lets you have gear points that you can use to buy or upgrade games weapons and gear etc.

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Re: battlefield 3 like games

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The series mainly focuses on FPS combat and lets the player fight against other factions along his AI Artificial Intelligence companions and complete a series of challenging missions. Players can choose sniper class for a more prolonged range fight. The game is set in a Sci-Fi environment of Halo Universe and takes the players to the futuristic check this out of

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